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"The only thing better than Hairspray, Thats me!"

"He's Corny..."

Corny Collins Show
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Hey There Teenage Balitmore... Welcome to the Corny Collins Show... So if you wanna be one of the Nicest Kids In Town.. there are a few rules you gotta follow:

1. Respect you're fellow kid, dont disrespect, your one of the Nicest Kids In Town!
2. When posting pictures or icons to share with us here and they are too big put them under the cut!
3. Limit bad lanague to a minimium because as a Nicest Kid In Town you dont curse alot.
4. Reviews, pictures, and stories about our show are welcome.
5. Shake it shake it till you're losing you're mind!

Roll Call:

You are:
Favorite Corny Collins Hit/Hairspray song-
Favortie Nicest Kid In Town/Hairspray Character-
Favortie Show on The Tube/Bway Show besides Hairspray-
Favorite Nicest Adult In Town/Actor/Actress-

*/= literally meaning*

Thank you for joining our team,

Corny Collins